Frequently Asked Questions


What is Siirtosoitto

SiirtoSoitto is a mobile app that helps Helsinki residents to be aware of upcoming street maintenance and parking restrictions.

How much does SiirtoSoitto cost?

The usage of SiirtoSoitto is free of charge.


How can I start using the SiirtoSoitto app?

You can download the app for free from AppStore or GooglePlay. Register to the service with your phone number and your vehicle license plate and finally choose from the map the areas you want to receive notifications about.

How does Siirtosoitto work?

Before the start of the maintenance works, the license plates of car still in the area are scanned. Owners who have registered their vehicle in the SiirtoSoitto system will receive an automated phone call if their car is in the parking restriction area. By quickly moving their cars away from the parking restriction zone, they can avoid their car being towed (and the subsequent towing fee). In the case the car is towed, owners will receive a notification with the new detailed position of their vehicle.

What information do I get from the app?

You will get in-app notifications about planned cleaning and maintenance works affecting the areas you selected. Such information usually comes at earliest one week before the scheduled time and at latest the previous day.

Where does the data about street cleanings come from?

The data used by SiirtoSoitto comes from the puhdistussuunnitelmat.fi service.

When will I receive a call?

When works are about to begin, the license plates of vehicles still in the restricted parking area will be schanned. If any of the license plates are found in the SiirtoSoitto system, their owners will receive an automated call.

Why a call and not an SMS?

A call catches the user attention in a much more effective way, giving a better chance to react to it by moving the vehicle.

How do I find my car if it has been moved?

After the car has been towed, you will receive an in-app notification with a map showing the new position of your car.

I don’t have a smart phone, can I register to SiirtoSoitto online?

You can register to SiirtoSoitto online at the address app.siirtosoitto.com. If you only use the online service, you will not receive the in-app notifications about scheduled works, but you will receive the automated call if your vehicle is still in the restricted parking zone when the street cleaning begins.


Can somebody see my phone number

Phone calls are made through an automated system, so nobody will see your number. Helsinki Urban Environment customer service may look up your data, should you need assistance, but even in that case your phone number will be masked out, e.g. +358*****1234.

Can anybody link my vehicle’s license plate and my phone number?

No. Only the Helsinki Urban Environment customer service may see the partially masked phone numbers (+358******1234) registered to a license plate. Phone numbers will not be used for any other purpose.

Why is my email required?

Emails are used for customer support purpose (e.g. password recovery) and to inform about possible maintenance breaks and other communications related to SiirtoSoitto. Emails are not distributed to any third party.


Can I register to the service without adding a vehicle?

Yes. You will get in-app notifications about scheduled street cleaning and maintenance involving parking restrictions.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Yes. You can add additional vehicles to your user profile.

Can two people register the same vehicle?

Yes. The reminder call will first go out to one of the owners, and if not answered the system will try to reach the other one.